Marbled Bengal Kitten Available in Texas

Name: Frisco
Marbled Bengal for sale in Texas
This little girl is a beautiful marbled Bengal kitten. 
Her mother carries the Charcoal Bengal genetics which is possibly why Frisco has a bit of that charcoal mask going for her. 
Normally our Pure bred Bengals are sold for around $2,000-2,200, however the marbled Bengals are priced considerably lower.
Both parents have been genetically tested and are TICA registered. 

Marbled bengal for sale texas. charcoal bengal for sale in texas

Contact Info:
Linda van Ruiten 
[email protected]

Marbled black and brown Bengal kitten for sale in Texas

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Marbled bengal kitten playing with child Marbled bengal for sale in texas near me with charcoal mask

We have 5 children who are very involved with raising our kittens and getting them ready for your family.

The mother of this litter is Vera. Click here for more info about our fantastic brown Bengal mother
The father of this litter is Arctic. Arctic is a friendly talkative bengal… read more…

Child cuddling bengal kitten.
Child playing with bengal kitten with brown rosetted markings
Child playing with cute bengal kitten brown rosetted markings

Chalk Mountain Family Farm is a reputable breeder in Central Texas. 
We fully health test all of our breeding Bengals. This health testing not only includes DNA testing to rule out a multitude of genetic abnormalities in our lineage but also yearly HCM heart screenings done by a board certified cat cardiologist. 
All of our testing results are proudly displayed on our website. Health Documents
We are located in Chalk Mountain, Texas. Chalk Mountain is a small town located south of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and North of Austin and Houston, Texas. 

We also have a litter of fantastic Pure Brown Rosetted litter of kittens, we also have silver Bengals with striking black markings and even a charcoal Bengal and a marbled Bengal available as well. By the end of the year we are expecting another litter of snow mink Bengals. Other Available Bengal Kitten Colors


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