We are a family-owned professional cattery of Bengals registered in the international felinology system TICA and the federal felinology system CCA.  Our Cattery is located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, but we ship our cats and kittens across Canada and worldwide. We focus on breeding top-quality Bengals of extreme contrast with medium and large size rosettes. Our preferences in colours are 1. Bright brown (orange, gold) Bengals, 2. Silver Bengals. Also, we can produce brown Bengals of different tones – from pretty light to dark. Since 2022 we have produced cashmere(longhair) Bengals and melanistic/smoke Bengals, also silver sepia Bengals. Please see our Products page and contact us. We will be happy to offer the best fit for you and your family – the kitten you will love and admire!

Our website is bengalcats.ca.