Shipping Policy

We prefer people drive to pick up their kittens. We can meet part way if it isn't too far. The next best thing is to have the new owner fly in where we bring the kitten to the airport. Then the kitten flies back with it's owner in the cabin. We do not like to send a kitten through cargo. It is traumatizing and you don't know what can happen to your baby during the process. We have used ground transportation at the new owners request. However, the drive took over a week and the kitten arrived dehydrated from not drinking on the trip.

Refund Policy

We do not give cash refunds. As part of the health guarantee we will replace a kitten if yours dies within a year caused by some genetic health defect. You will have to have an autopsy done to prove cause of death.

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

Your deposit is non refundable once you have chosen a kitten.

Please contact us first if you have to rehome your cat. We would be happy to aid you in the process or take the kitten back.