Bengalmiracles is a small country cattery so we have the time to treat each of our cats as pets. We produce show, breeder, and pet quality kittens. Currently we have three adult females. We have a silver rosetted queen, Iya, who is the daughter of Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion Ksbengals Bruce Wayne. We also have a G4 spotted silver queen, Sylvia, with huge round eyes and a very exotic look. Then we have our rosetted snow mink queen, Czarina, who comes from a long line of the famous Gogees bloodlines mixed with some Russian ancestors. We can produce a huge variety of Bengal kittens. Snow lynx, snow mink, silver lynx, silver mink, silver, brown, blue (dilute), as well as the combination of a charcoal blue mink male we have right now with large rosettes! Bengalmiracles has had rosetted, charcoal, and spotted patterns. We generally have more rosetted kittens than anything. Parents are health tested for at least PRA, PKdef, HCM, and Feline Leukemia. We use a contract which includes a health guarantee.