Located in southeastern Ohio, we are a small in-home TICA and CFA registered cattery. We have a deep love and passion for this intelligent, interactive and unique breed……The Bengal Cat.

Our focus as a Bengal cat breeder is on health and temperament followed by exceptional type and pattern. Our breeding cats are DNA tested and have echocardiograms at the appropriate age to ensure their health as well as the health our kittens. We also test our cats for FIV/FeLV and routinely test for Tri-trichomonas. As a responsible breeder, we take pride in the health and well-being of our cats.

As Bengal enthusiasts, we are always looking to improve the breed. We strive to produce kittens with a good temperament while maintaining the wild look of the leopard. Our focus is rearing healthy, wild looking cats by raising kittens as close to the breed standard as possible with beautiful colors, contrasting rosettes, and strong muscular bodies.